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My journey:

After emigrating from Cambodia in 1975, the Khao-I-Dang refugee camp would be our home for three years before coming to America. With little money, nearly empty suitcases, a few personal items we could carry, as well as our hardworking hands, our biggest assets were our hopes and dreams for prosperity and happiness...really no different than those of our new friends in America. 

All citizens of Fall River deserve a City Councillor who will pledge to do the People's work. I will continue to bring our community together, giving everyone a Voice.

The City of "We'll Try " now the "Make It Here" city, deserves leaders who will find our commonalities and bind us, who will embrace a melting pot of people, and who will work to improve this already great city. Our Heritage State Park, which celebrates our proud connection to our Armed Services and our Navy's great Battleships, sits along our emerging waterfront like a beacon...proud to be the home of our Iwo Jima Memorial, and soon, our Vietnam Wall Memorial. As you look up the hills upon which we were founded, you will see a vibrant city, home to our Libraries, and home to some of the most magnificent architecture in Massachusetts. If you need visible proof, visit our recently saved St. Ann's Church...a cathedral, really, and home to a one-of-a-kind Shrine. Whether you are Downtown, or in the Upper or Lower Highlands, the South End, or the Flint, Fall River is as unique as its people. Fall River is the place I proudly call home. Only with continued progress, growth, citizen engagement and participation, and a lot of continued hard work, as we work toward our common goals, will we succeed.

I look forward to Fall River’s future with great optimism and excitement. There is so much that can be done to make Fall River an even better place in which to live and raise our families, but only if our leaders have the political will to do so. It will not be needed for a “Recall” to have a better future of Fall River.

Meet and Greet, Like me, Follow me, Suggestions, Share issues, and Questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I respectfully ask you to consider my candidacy as you cast your vote on Tuesday, November 5th.


Ricky Tith for candidate Fall River City Council

The Voice of the People

Committee to Elect Ricky Tith

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