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Mutual Respect │ Integrity │Trust │ 

Transparency and Accountability in governance

Your Engagement:

I’ll work hard, seeking better approaches to meaningfully engage the whole community. My outreach will rely on the same protocols at the start of every process that could be expected to yield a significant community change. Every resident is a stakeholder in what happens here, and in what goes on at City Hall.


Your FUND:

As a self-sufficient entrepreneur, I will rely on the city’s managers to ensure that all plans and actions will respect my taxpayer status. I pledge to work closely with schools, private organizations, and other governmental groups. Both my innate spirit of cooperation and my decades of team-building expertise can help Fall River prioritize its use of various resources. In other words, I want to help us “work smarter.” I also hope to attract investors for certain ventures, all of which help make Fall River such a special place to live and raise a family.

Committee to Elect Ricky Tith

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